Dove: #ShowUs

More real women in the media

In order to impact the organic influencers, we created an experience translating the brand attitude and encouraging the sharing of the #ShowUs hashtag. We sent a customized framed photo and an instant camera to stimulate them to show other women of real beauty who, like them, might appear more in the media and advertising. The idea was to provoke identification with the campaign and encourage authentic conversation on social media.

The campaign and the research angles were also explored with the press. A note about the launch was pitched to the Media & Marketing segment of O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper. After its publication, a pitch suggestion was submitted to UOL portal. In addition, advertisement specialized media outlets have covered it, among them, we highlight the Prop&Mark newspaper and Advertisement’s Great Names. The participation of the actress Mariana Xavier has generated visibility in portals covering celebrities such as Caras and Contigo.

In total, 40 articles were published in the press. And 1.7 million impressions on social media.

Dove has created an image bank with real women to promote its use among advertising professionals and also to boost the cause engagement in the digital universe. We have selected three high-reaching ambassadors: the actress Mariana Xavier, the activist Ellora and the rapper Lellê to publicize the cause. A kit for digital influencers has been sent to stimulate them. There was also press engagement.

A study developed worldwide by Dove found that 70% of women did not feel represented by the media or advertisements. To change this reality, the brand launched in Brazil the #ShowUs project whose challenge was to encourage advertising professionals to use the image bank with real women. In addition to promote the cause with consumer engagement in the digital universe, it was aimed to generate conversations about breaking beauty stereotypes.

We created a great buzz on social media to reinforce the relevance of the attitude and brand leadership in the #ShowUs campaign. The strategy combined (paid) ambassadors with organic influencers on Instagram. We selected three high-profile names with strong engagement on the representativeness causes to catch the public’s eye in the early stages of the campaign: the actress Mariana Xavier, the activist Ellora and the rapper Lellê featured topics such as the search, image bank, and the filter created by the brand to be applied on Facebook.

Sector: Health + Wellness
Specialist expertise: People + Purpose
Product: Better Impact™ Scorecard
Office: Sao Paulo