Launch the new football boots Nike Mercurial; dominate the conversations around football social media; sustain the conversation for 6 months, put the boots on the day-by-day of the All Day Baller – the young football lover, between 12 and 17 years old, who consumes football from the most varied ways: playing football, videogames, watching games, football tricks, curiosities or just following the lifestyle from the athletes/celebrities.

Map, connect and engage.To fuel those conversations, we need to understand the football digital ecosystem. For this, we map the main digital influencers, the behavior from our target (that is not limited to an age rage), and the kind of content that are been produced around the football community. Talking to more than 40 Instagram profiles and 6 YouTube Channels and helping to produce a tailor made content.

The results are: 156 results on social media, impacting over 17 million people approximately, 5.35% engagement rate and 520,116 interactions with the content generated by influencers. On YouTube, 21 videos were published reaching over 1 million views organically. In sales, influencers generated more traffic to compared to renowned players like @gabigol (C.R. Flamengo forward), resulting the boot soldout in record time.

Sector: Sports
Specialist expertise: Content + Publishing Strategy
Product: 360 Reputation Monitor
Office: Sao Paulo