Spotify needed to release the $1.99 3-month premium package promotion, plus all the benefits of the plan. We had the challenge of driving traffic to the Spotify Premium site to bring new users and / or convert free app users to Premium, which directly impacts Spotify’s business expansion and brand awareness growth.

We work with influencers to release the promotion by strategically researching, mapping and selecting 24 profiles of different styles and sizes to talk directly to the target audience: students and users who did not already have a Premium subscription. We divided the campaign into 3 phases. In the 1st and 3rd phases we used profiles considered as Web Celebrities, with high impact, aiming to raise awareness and strengthen engagement. In phase 2, we talked to “magic middle”, with medium and large profiles in more detailed and informative content, and focusing on awareness and conversion, as these profiles are widely known for raising the rate when used with “trackable“ links. With this dream team, we were able to drive traffic to the new subscriber page.

We reached over 50 million impressions in 144 Insta Stories and 19 video posts published by the 24 digital influencers in the campaign. In all, this content resulted in over 3.4 million views. Through the trackable links to each of the influencers, we reached 130,000 clicks on these “Drag Here” links or even on video post subtitles, totaling an average of R$ 17.06 per click.

Sector: Retail + Leisure
Specialist expertise: The Studio
Product: Audience Mapping
Office: Sao Paulo